Poitevin Skeletti – Romantic scene

  • 142/244
  • oil on canvas
  • signed


Alexandru Poitevin-Scheletti was an impressionist painter who worked in Romania.

On his father’s side, Alexandru Poitevin-Skeletti comes from a French family. The name is reminiscent of the Poitevin area, a central-western region of France.

Maria, the mother of the painter Alexandru Poitevin-Skeletti, sister of Gheorghe Scheletti, was the daughter of Petru Scheletti (1808 – 1878), a career soldier, colonel and royal aide, and, since 1852, director of the Department of Public Works in the Principality of Moldavia. influential representatives of the separatist movement in Moldova.

He studied painting in Paris at the Julian Academy, and between 1905 and 1906 Poitevin-Skeletti painted the shores of the North Sea on the shores of Dieppe and Le Tréport.

In 1908, Skeletti made his debut in Bucharest, exhibiting at the Artistic Youth a series of landscapes made in France, especially in Paris, Port-Neuf, on the Seine or the Louvre Keys.

He is also linked to Romania by belonging to the Idealist Cenacle, a literary-artistic cenacle with a symbolist character, founded in 1915 by Alexandru Severin and Ignat Bednarik, under the patronage of Princess Elisabeta and Prince Carol. In 1924 he made his debut at the Official Salon.

In 1938, on the occasion of the “Bucharest Moon” holiday, under the auspices of the Capital City Hall, the work “Picturesque Bucharest” was published, which includes 20 engravings representing representative locations of Bucharest.